Hackathon, barcamp, datashaker: the digital community keeps adopting new creative techniques. To embrace them for an evening – or longer if you hit off
come this way

From May to November, we camped out at Créatis.
But what’s Créatis, exactly?
It’s a cluster of cultural entrepreneurs who work under a single roof – provided by avant-garde venue Gaîté Lyrique – to benefit from an enabling environment. http://www.residencecreatis.fr

If you want to practice your French, here’s a brief summary of our year on the move. pdf

When we decided to take the leap and leave our beautiful cupola, we had to put our stuff into something. Our dotted suitcases have done some travelling since. Thanks, Lalé !

With or without Master Yoda, you always get what you want with CommonsSense. Whether it’s finding the name of a new programme or moderating a seminar, MakeSense’s sister company draws on everyone’s talent to solve the challenges of social entrepreneurs – in a way you don’t forget.

When you get to Numa, the first thing to do is order a “café”. The bar is friendly and the cookies are homemade – so we’ll always be glad to join you for one!

During our first Lab conference at La Ruche, Pierre-Henri Gouyon of France’s National Museum of Natural History told us his version of Alice in Wonderland. You can listen to it here.

We often talk about the Opinion Valley Lab, but what do we actually do there? We discuss, analyze, reach out and explore, with guests who are established or emerging innovators in their fields. Maybe the world’s our oyster, but we have to pry it open. And for that we need a sharp, burrowing tool.

La Ruche was the first stop on our 2013 “tour”. A place of surprising and beautiful encounters – particularly recommended for the lunch news sessions on Fridays.
The “Beehive” is open to anyone with an innovative response to a social or environmental challenge. It aims to reconcile business with human development, with resident entrepreneurs working side-by-side, even together.

When you get the chance, drop in at Numa, THE PLACE TO BE in Digital Paris. We’ll be glad to welcome you, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Smack in the city center, in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Le Sentier, this 1,500 m² meeting place of innovation truly drives synergies.

Because we like what goes on there, we’re happy to recommend the Gaîté Lyrique, its music shows
and basically everything.

If you love taking snaps and are up for a game, check out Wipplay. Every week, a big contest invites photo lovers to “shoot, vote and win” through a dedicated social network focused on cultural events, civic happenings or art trends.

At Opinion Valley, we believe in mingling, combining and spawning new approaches. We know the work of a communication consultancy inside out – and we expand on it through the constant exploration of our Lab. The common denominators of each team, consultant and project are curiosity, discerning analysis and professionalism.

The whole Opinion Valley team wishes you
curiosity and success in 2014!