1Challenging the brief

Everything starts with a question: your brief. And the many questions behind your question.
During this phase we challenge the brief to enrich our reasoning and to attain
a panoramic vision of you, your business and your needs

2Hunting for ideas

We choose our sources of inspiration and start exploring.
The ideas of our partners – journalists, sociologists, artists, bloggers, etc. – are examined,
adjusted and questioned to open new perspectives.

3Connecting to opportunity

Now it’s time to share and make initial contact. At this point we evaluate the compatibility between
those ideas that have made the grade, current trends in public opinion, resources available and
opportunities for the company.

4Choosing a path

It’s the difficult art of sorting through and making hard choices. Time to reject
the multitude of directions under consideration. We choose THE one, freeing us to focus
more clearly and to begin plowing the furrow.
A more targeted research phase begins, to support our convictions.

5Time for action

Our work may yield a concept, a set of detailed messages or an internal and
external communication plan. It is discussed and shared… and the music begins.